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Gabriel Weidmann
2 min readNov 13, 2021

I had planned to start an blog for a long time. A really long time. Why? Because there is just so much to tell. And so much to learn. And so much to pass on. And finally I could make the step to write this first post.

I always was just amazed about how so many other developers spend countless hours to develop awesome tools that everyone can use — and in a lot of for free use. I really have gained a lot of profit from their amazing work, tutorials and of course bug solutions.

I always have seen development as a form of art. I’m an artist. And I’m willing and amazed to learn from other artists :-)

The last years I have worked mostly but not only in mobile app development for a small company and got the opportunity to learn, try and create a lot of cool stuff. I started to gather the most important and awesome pieces of information and small tools I created in a personal TiddlyWiki.

Now I hope to give back to the developer community and help others with shortening their efforts for searching and trying by sharing my insights and I also hope that others will find and like my tools and solutions to development problems.

The next days I will post a lot of these things and I really hope that I will be able to make other peoples days just like other devs did when I found out about their work, thoughts and amazing solutions.

See you soon :-)



Gabriel Weidmann

I’m a software developer from bavaria, germany. I like to try out and learn new things, especially about software architecture.